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Samsung MultiXpress K7600LX Do more twice as fast 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU, enabling 2X faster print speeds compared to a dual-core CPU Up to 240 images per minute (ipm) using a Dual-Scan Document Feeder (DSDF) (GX model only) 1,200 dpi high resolution for quality output Next-generation toner technology for superb… Selengkapnya »

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Samsung MultiXpress K7600LX

Do more twice as fast

  • 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU, enabling 2X faster print speeds compared to a dual-core CPU
  • Up to 240 images per minute (ipm) using a Dual-Scan Document Feeder (DSDF) (GX model only)
  • 1,200 dpi high resolution for quality output
  • Next-generation toner technology for superb finishes
  • Rendering Engine for Clean Page (ReCP) technology for sharp images

Work Smarter

  • Smart UX Center powered by Android™ on the 90-degree pivoting screen for full-page previewing
  • Custom Launcher and Printing App Center
  • Wireless option with Active NFC

Remain worry-free

  • Best-in-class maximum monthly duty (up to 300K)
  • Samsung Smart Printer Diagnostic System (SPDS) app, providing the ability to fix printing issues from virtually anywhere
  • Samsung eXtensible Open Architecture (XOA), providing customized printing solutions to maximize efficiency and security

Powerful quad-core CPU
The Samsung MultiXpress K7600LX of MFPs boasts the industry’s first quad-core 1.5 GHz CPU with System-on-Chip (SoC) technology, delivering high-performance interpreting and rendering emulation. This robust CPU provides the power and capacity to accomplish print and copy tasks of virtually any size or complexity swiftly, as fast as a print every second. As a result, businesses can run much more productively and efficiently using high-performance, high-speed K7600 series MFPs.

Two times faster dual scanning
The K7600 MFPs deliver best-in-class document scanning speeds with a Dual-Scan Document Feeder (DSDF) feature, which scans both sides of a document at the same time. These workhorse printers can dual-scan up to 240 ipm, twice the scanning speed of the K4300 series and six times that of other printers, which typically scan at 36 ipm. This blazing-fast scan speed equates to four pages being scanned every second, raising digital copy processing time considerably, as well as productivity.

Samsung multixpress K7600lx

Enhanced productivity with variable options
Various options are available to boost productivity, including a 2,250-sheet booklet finisher and a 3,250-sheet high-volume finisher that automatically staples up to 65 sheets, for high-volume document handling. An inner finisher can separate, collate and staple up to 50 sheets. Various punch kits are also available. Users can print up to 6,140 pages with a side and bottom High-Capacity Feeder (HCF).

Crisp 1,200 x 1,200 dpi resolution
Samsung K7600 MFPs are equipped with a high-quality Laser Beam Scanning Unit (LSU) that produces consistently sharp output. Using micro-rendering to smooth out rasterized edges and a 1,200 × 1,200 dpi resolution, the K7600 MFPs provide crisp printouts every time. That equates to two times the resolution of typical printers. When the printed materials look good, the company looks good.

The next-generation toner technology for superb finishes
Samsung uses advanced chemistry in its toner cartridges to ensure the best finishes possible for every printout. Using its next-generation polymerized toner development, Samsung has achieved a nine percent reduction in fixation temperature, which means toner adhesion can be accomplished at a lower temperature, from 170°C (338°F) down to 155°C (311°F). A lower fixation temperature translates to lower energy consumption.

Rendering Engine for Clean Page (ReCP)
Samsung’s unique ReCP technology delivers quality output with clear text and images, ensuring a quality printout ensuring consistently perfect-looking results. The innovative technology automatically sharpens the focus of both graphics and text, resulting in clean-looking printouts.

User-friendly Samsung SMART UX Center on a 90-degree pivoting screen
Samsung K7600 MFPs are designed with the smart-generation users in mind, boasting the industry’s first Android-based printing UX. The Samsung SMART UX Center 2.0 functions just like a tablet with an intuitive touch-to-print display screen for easy use and is compatible with various Android-based devices. Included are custom widgets for creating instant, one-tap access to frequently used functions. This customizable user interface (UI) further simplifies operation and can be shared with various fleets.
For enhanced usability, Samsung’s unique display pivots 90 degrees for full-page portrait or landscape viewing. This innovative feature enables users to easily review and edit their documents before printing without zooming or having to return to their PCs. In addition, applications, such as Hancom Office®, support the horizontal view mode and edits of Microsoft® Office® Word, PowerPoint® and Excel® documents.
Samsung’s new Smart Workspace lets users complete jobs with their preferred UI, address book and files virtually anywhere. The workspace can even be personalized to suit individual needs with preloaded applications and widgets for one-tap access to frequently used functions.

Custom launcher and Samsung Printing App Center
As your needs change, the Smart UX Center changes with you, thanks to its app-based extensibility. You can add the company logo and custom widgets for one-click access. The Auto Start option lets you execute a function with just one touch, simplifying workflow.
Samsung’s new Printing App Center enables users to easily set up the printers by simply downloading essential apps from the app center’s web portal.

  • Workbook Composer: Exports multiple selected areas automatically
  • HanCom Office®: Enables viewing and editing of Microsoft® Office® and Hangul Word Processor (HWP)
    files directly at the printer
  • Smart Color Manager: Manages color settings at the printer
  • Launcher: Streamlines basic copy, scan or fax jobs with easy widgets
  • Smart Service: Facilitates printer troubleshooting

Wireless option with NFC Pro
Just when it seemed printing couldn’t get any more convenient, users can now connect and print with ease using Samsung’s K7600 MFPs with advanced NFC technology. Simply tap, then print, scan or fax documents from any NFC-supported mobile device. The wireless option with NFC Pro provides user authentication through a mobile device, easy wireless setup and device cloning with Samsung MobilePrint Control and Samsung MobilePrint Manager apps.

Best-in-class maximum monthly duty (up to 300K)
The Samsung K7600 series MFPs boast the best-in-class maximum monthly duty, delivering high durability and ensuring cost reduction and freedom from trivial work typically spent changing toner cartridges, drums and developer.

Easy-to-use Samsung Smart Printer Diagnostic System (SPDS)
Printer failures are never welcome occurrences. But when they happen while you are away from the office or pressed for time, they are that much more frustrating. With Samsung SPDS-equipped K7600 MFPs, downtime is minimized, whether you are working across the office or on the other side of the globe. SPDS is a smartphone app that’s a service tool for diagnosing printer failures. It can also send preemptive alerts to smartphones, addressing issues before they occur. The app provides the latest information on Samsung MFPs in real time, using pictures and videos of its components, as well as measurement guides, to simplify troubleshooting, even for those with little technical knowledge. The ability to solve printer issues quickly without a service technician saves time and costs.

XOA output management (security) solutions
Samsung’s XOA platform provides customized enterprise solutions for integration with our K7600 MFPs to satisfy specific business requirements. Our output management solutions provide cost-effective, secure print operations. SecuThru™ Lite 2 enhances document security and reduces costs with user authentication. The Usage Tracker controls printing expenses by easily tracking device functions.

XOA document management (productivity) solutions
Samsung’s document management solutions increase productivity and provide easy management along with security and efficiency. The solutions consist of SmarThru™ Workflow Lite, which increases productivity with its cost-saving automated workflow solution. Also included is the Secure Login Manager, which safeguards valuable data and devices from unauthorized use. Plus, Cloud Connector provides easy, secure access for scanning to and printing from the cloud.

Fleet management solution
For businesses that have fleets of printing devices, Samsung provides a cloud-based fleet management solution for lowering IT department management costs. Business Pro Printing Solutions™ reduce TCO by increasing productivity with simple management. IT departments can monitor, maintain, service and supply an entire infrastructure of printers and MFPs remotely. Managers can create status alerts and receive notifications when alerts occur multiple times. Hundreds of thousands of devices can be easily managed and integrated into Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions from one server. Plus, customized reports can be created and distributed to key personnel on a regular basis.

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